Sherlock Holmes
Slash Fiction
Please Note - These are SLASH stories - that means two men in romantic &/or sexual situations.  Proceed at your own risk.

Based on the BBC series 'Sherlock'

Plan B
2014, Spoilers for His Last Vow, John/Sherlock

PG-13, John/Sherlock, AU from The Hounds of Baskerville

PG, John/Sherlock, post-RF fix-it

Along For The Ride
PG, John/Sherlock, post-RF fix-it

PG, John/Sherlock, post-RF fix-it

PG, John/Sherlock, post-RF fix-it

Recalled To Life
NC-17, John/Sherlock, post-RF fix-it

Based on the Guy Ritchie movie starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law....

Lucky Escapes
PG, H/W, Jan 10

The Last Time Lord
Doctor Who xover, PG, H/W, Jan 10

A Military Man (The Last Time Lord)
Doctor Who xover, PG, H/W, Jan 10

Great Expectations
NC-17, H/W, Jan 10

Based on the BBC's Christmas Special of 'The Hound of the Baskervilles' starring Richard Roxburgh and Ian Hart

A Matter Of Trust
set during the new adaption, Watson/Holmes, PG


Rather than be caught by the great Sherlock Holmes, Stapleton
makes an attempt on the man's life, with far-reaching consequences

Watson/Holmes, PG

Upon The Black Tor
NEW!!   a quickie set during the new adaption, Watson/Holmes, NC-17
written for Carmen

Note - You should not attempt to use Slash Fiction as research for Geography assignments...


NEW!!  Holmes returns after three years to reclaim his life,
but his welcome isn't what he'd imagined
Watson/Holmes, NC-17

The Dogged Memory Series
What really happened at Baskerville Hall?

Part One - NC-17, Watson/Sir Henry

Part Two - PG-13, Watson/Sir Henry

Part Six to Eight - PG to NC-17, Watson/Holmes