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Slash Fiction
Please Note - These are SLASH stories - that means two men in romantic &/or sexual situations.  Proceed at your own risk.

written around 2001

NC17 - m/m
Ezekiel screamed as he felt the bullets enter his head through the burning crevices of his eyes. Instantly, his soul erupted in white-hot pain as it was ripped from him. A fire started at the base of his spine, an agony so intense it stole his breath, burnt through his lungs, started to burst forth from his eyes. A second scream peeled forth as the first tendrils of himself left his body and the ground opened up below him to admit him into the hell fire.

NC17 - for violence & gore
Ezekiel touched Lucifer's shoulder and the devil flinched, looking up and taking a moment to focus. His sharp features were set in terrible grief, something Zeke had never expected to see. As he watched, the dark eyes changed, glazing over before tears began to form. Zeke's own eyes widened. This was unexpected. This was creepy.

Snakes Crossing
The devil nodded again.  "Right."  Then he sighed.  "Ezekiel, I'm here to..." he swallowed hard, "to release you from my service."

First Dance
PG-13, m/m, June 2002 - was supposed to be part of a series